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Welcome to the What's new in ALHN Page. This page is for announcements as well as any interesting news in ALHN. It is our Journal of events. Please bookmark this page as things will change. Thank you for visiting.



25 June 2010 - Don Wright is the new State Coordinator for Missouri

15 June 2010 - New websites for Iowa and West Virginia



January 18,2006 - Board Meeting and Officers Seated.

January 16, 2006 - Tim Stowell moved in as the New State Coordinator  for North  Dakota ALHN. Thanks Tim! and Welcome!

January 11, 2006 - Elections were held for the 2006 Board of Directors. The new Board Members are: Susan Ditmire. Melissa Fannin, Lesley Moss, Steve Stymiest and Scott Williams


December 30, 2005 - Please Welcome the new State Coordinator  for Maryland ALHN- Denise Wells             


November 13, 2004 - Linda Simpson in the State Coordinator for Indiana ALHN.

July 14, 2004 - Steven Stymiest has two more new topics that he is doing: Ghost Towns and Air Force History.  Colleen Pustola is the new Alaska ALHN State Coordinator. 

John Rhymes is the new State Coordinator for Mississippi ALHN.  Thank you everybody!

June 29, 2004 - Leona Gustafson is the new State Coordinator  for Ohio ALHN and the CC for the ALHN Franklin County Ohio site.

May 30 - The Topics Page has been redone, take a look and see if you would like to help!

April 26 - Darlene Anderson is the new State Coordinator for TNLHN.  Welcome to our family!

April 1 - Jeff Kemp is the new CC for McNairy County, TN.  Sharon McCormack and Joyce Gaston Reece are the new Co-CC's for McMinn County, TN.  The Hispanic FGS is up and running.  Thanks to all and welcome!

March 23 - Marilyn Gouge has adopted Hawaii.  Christine Goff adopted Utah.  Steve Stymiest has York County, South Carolina online.  Thanks to everybody and welcome!

March 4, 2004 - Steve Stymiest has adopted Lake County and Kingsbury County, South Dakota.  He has also adopted Orphanages.  He is also doing South Dakota Ghost Towns and South Carolina Ghost Towns.

Allegany County, NY was adopted by Ron Taylor.

Charles Barnum has been updating New Mexico (one cemetery this week, 165 tombstone photos, two county's early birth records.!! and more on the way!)

Thanks everybody and welcome to our family!

March 2, 2004 - The States of Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Montana have new hosts.  Colorado and New Mexico have new hosts and new URLs.  Welcome a second site for Delaware which has been adopted by Nathan Zipfel and a second site for Wyoming which was adopted by Mary Saban!  Welcome aboard!

New Topics have been added - Antique Sleds, Domestic Arts, Food & Recipes, Naval History, Memory Hill, Famous American Indians, and History of the American Cowboy.  Welcome to all and enjoy your stay!

Annette Peebles was elected Secretary/Treasurer.

~ 2003 ~

Jan 28, 2003 - Nominations were requested for replacement Web Masters for the State and Topic web pages.

Jan 26, 2003 - Electing and Seating of the new Board. Kathy Leigh was elected President; Norm Vance was elected Vice-President; and Lynn Waterman was elected Secretary/Treasurer.

Jan 2, 2003 - Elections were held for the 2003 Board of Directors. The new Board Members are: Clayton Betzing, Kathy Leigh, Lesley Moss, Norm Vance, and Lynn Waterman.

~ 2002 ~

Feb 10, 2002 - New SC - Sandy Viles has adopted Oregon.  Welcome Aboard!

Jan 10, 2002 -Annual Board Meeting: Norm Vance is the new President, Kathy Leigh the new Vice President and Debi Kendrick is returning as Secretary/Treasurer.

Jan 6, 2002 - ALHN held elections for the 2002 Board of Directors.  New board members include Ginger Cisewski and Lynn Waterman. Returning members are Debi Kendrick, Kathy Leigh, and Norm Vance.

~ 2001 ~

8 Feb 2001 - New SC's and CC's - Linda and Dan Deslauriers have adopted Colorado and Hinsdale Co., CO.;  Ray Ensing has adopted California;  Betty Brooks adopted Virginia;  Kathy Clark has adopted MacIntosh Co., ND and Logan Co., ND;  Bob Griffin has volunteered for the Town of Rochester, Strafford Co., NH;  Thomas Markham has become the webmaster for Bedford Co., VA and Robert Crawford has adopted Rockingham Co., VA.

Jan 10, 2001 - Board Meeting;  Ron Eason and Everette Carr are Co-Chairmen for the Bylaws Committee.

Jan 7, 2001 - ALHN held elections for the 2001 Board of Directors. Everette Carr, Ron Eason, Debi Houser Kendrick, Kathy Leigh, Lesley Moss, Annette Bame Peebles, and Norm Vance won.  Welcome Aboard!

~ 2000 ~

Dec 30, 2000 - New SC's - Eveline Crocker is the webmaster for Alabama.  Kathy Leigh adopted Colorado.  Cindy Koegel is the webmaster for Kansas.  Jen Bawden and Debi Kendrick are co-webmaster for Kentucky.

Dec 16, 2000 - A vote was taken to accept the rescinding of Norm Vance and Kathy Leigh's resignation.

Dec. 14, 2000 - Norm Vance, James Houpe and Kathy Leigh resigned from the Board.

Nov 21, 2000 - New SC's - John Rhymes is the webmaster for Delaware.  Cindy Koegel is the webmaster for Kansas.  Jen Bawden is the webmaster for Montana.  Patricia Scott is the webmaster for Nevada.  Ginger Cisewski is the webmaster for South Dakota.  Joyce Johnson Gregory is the webmaster for Guam.

New topic hosts - Fred Smoot is the webmaster for America Writes Home.  Matt T. Salo has come up with a new topic and is the host of Gypsies and Travelers in American History which is at its temporary page. Eveline Mari'e Crocker has adopted Armistice Day; Christmas; Halloween and French and Indian War.  Fred Smoot is back with Indian Peace Medals.  Awiusdi is also back with The Cherokee Nation.  Pat Sabin is back with Vintage Postcards.  Legacy Preservation Society is back hosted by Lynn Waterman.

Welcome to all of you and thank you. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Nov 15, 2000 - ALHN held Secretary elections and Annette Bame Peebles won - Congratulations!

Aug 31, 2000 - New topic hosts. Richard Ross took on the newly created SURNAMES page. Alice Gayley is not only new to ALHN but has taken on the Miltitary Resources page. Lois Quigley also new to ALHN has taken on a newly made topic Famous Traitors - Benedict Arnold. Welcome to all of you and thank you. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Aug 29, 2000 - New SC. LaVetta Townsend took on Oregon. Added new topics to the topics page - Famous Traitors and Surnames.

Aug 17, 2000 - Director Eveline Crocker recalled.

Aug 7, 2000 - Board meeting.

Aug 03, 2000 - Added a new topic to our Topics page. Eveline Crocker is the new topics coordinator for The Louisiana Purchase. Nate Zipfel is the new topics coordinator for the War of 1812. Added new topics and new topic headings... Family History Centers, Famous Guns (the people) and more to History - The Applachian Mountain Trail.

Aug 02, 2000 - ALHN held Board elections; Annette Bame Peebles and Debi Houser Kendrick won - Welcome Aboard!

June 18, 2000 - ALHN has a new look to the web pages.

June 12, 2000 - the Board held officer elections. Elected are: Kathy Leigh - President, Norm Vance - Vice President, Eveline M. Crocker - Treasurer. Congratulations!!

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