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All elected officials shall be required to take a prescribed oath of office. No elected official shall be seated prior to taking the oath. Refusal to take the oath within fourteen (14) days of election, or passage of this amendment if an incumbent, shall be considered the same as a resignation.

The prescribed oath of office shall be:

I, (name), having been elected to the office of (office), do solemnly swear (or affirm):

1. I will faithfully execute said office to the best of my ability, fairly and equally without discrimination;

2. I will preserve, protect and defend the American Local History Network, Inc. and its mission;

3. I will abide by all laws and regulations to which I am subject;

4. I will respect and uphold the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and all other valid instruments of the ALHN;

5. I will at all times act in a professional, respectful manner and promote respect and integrity for the ALHN and its members;

6. I will always act in the best interests of the ALHN and its membership;

7. I will surrender all properties of the ALHN when so directed by a competent authority.

8. Should I, at any time, fail to abide by this oath, I will immediately submit my resignation from office to the President and Secretary

So help me God.

Signed by:

Clayton Betzing , 1/8/04, 1/7/05
Virginia "Ginger" Cisewski 01/09/02, 2008
Susan Ditmire 1/10/06
Melissa Fannin 1/10/06
Carole Hammett  02/07/01
Mary Howell 1/7/05
Debi Houser Kendrick    10/31/00
Kathy Leigh    10/30/00
Lesley Moss    10/30/00, 1/9/04 , 1/7/051/10/06
William Oliver   2008
Annette Bame Peebles   11/1/00, 3/1/041/9/05
Bonnie Shafer 1/9/04, 1/8/05
Steven Stymiest 1/10/06
Norman M. Vance    10/30/00
Lynn Waterman  01/09/02
Steven K Williams 1/10/06
Nathan Zipfel 1/8/04, 2008


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